Much like a Bump Date that reigns the world of pregnancies. Today, we’re doing a Store Date. “What’s that?…” you ask. Today I’m going to update you on all that’s been happening in, and around The Elle.

As a single girl just working your everyday average Joe job, I got fed up. Fed up with the effort that I was putting in wasn’t “up to par” for someone else. Fed up with the fact that it would take me YEARS to go somewhere within the company, that is.. if I got lucky enough to move up. Amongst feeling over looked, and burnt out on selling baseballs cleats, football pads… etc – I decided to take a risk and go into business for myself, and sell what I wanted to sell. To know that the hours, and the work that I put in WAS for something. To know that it WAS appreciated.

July 2nd, 2012, The Elle was born. I opened up shop selling footwear + accessories. Because as you know, my sister, Laci Miner, is the owner of The Rage. A booming, incredible company selling women’s + junior contemporary clothing. Ultimately the was my inspiration. The empire that she has built is completely amazing, and continues to grow every single day. When I opened, I thought to myself, if I could just make my store be something like The Rage, that would be incredible.

Selling footwear + accessories was fine. For a short period of time. I had to tweak, and reevaluate what I was selling, and what could make me the most money. What makes the most money? Clothes. Who sells clothes? My sister. For fear that my business was going to suffer tremendously, I picked up clothing. At the beginning, I tried as hard as humanely possible to keep the styles separate from The Rage. Unfortunately, it was a little harder to keep it different than I had anticipated. On the upside, Laci and I communicated very well (for the most part) throughout this whole process.

Annnnd then, I met Kris.
April 8th, 2013 – Kristopher Clark walked into my life. And it’s never been the same ever since. Amongst the first week that K and I talked, and got to know each other. He let me know what his future plans were. Those plans were, to start working off. At that time, I thought. “Oh yeah. Great! Whatever. That’ll be fine.” The further I fell in love with him, and the more serious we got… the thoughts would pop in and out of my head such as …”I can’t stand being away from him.” “I miss him so much.” “What’s going to happen when IF we get married?” “Will I live here, and him live there?” “Maybe I’ll just make The Elle an online ONLY boutique, and keep the store.” All of this was hypothetical.

Until. He proposed. Another life altering moment. My life has been altered in the most amazing ways possible. I immediately knew, I will go with him. There was no questions about it. He’s my best friend. My other half. He’s not my only means of happiness, because the man upstairs grants me that happiness, but Kris makes me pretty darn happy. He doesn’t give me purpose, but with him, I feel as if all things are possible. I am no longer scared of the dark. I am no longer wondering if who I am, what I have to offer, and what I look like is good enough. Because with him, I just know.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 2.21.13 PM

A few days later, I was offered a phenomenal position at The Rage. Offering me the ability to work from the road when needed. It was as if God just opened door, after door, after door in my life. I pondered the position for a few days. Then, accepted. 

What does all of this mean for The Elle? The Elle will no longer be owned Lori Bonner. (soon-to-be Clark) As of last week, I have officially decided to sell the store. If I sat here and typed to all of you that I’m not nervous. That I’m not scared. That I am not stressed. I would be straight up lying. As I sit here and look up over my computer, I have tears in my eyes. I remodeled this store. I put in the hours. I formed relationships with all of you. So, it does make me a little sad. However, I could NOT be MORE excited about my new journey.

With ALL of that being said, we’ll be closing out The Elle’s inventory. Starting TODAY each and EVERY item is 40% OFF. All sales are absolutely, 100% final. No bring backs.  Follow the link below to begin surfing what’s left of The Elle’s inventory.
his sale is also happening INSTORE, as well. So, locals – I’ll see you very soon. ;)

What will happen to Pretty Little Thoughts? Oh, ladies. Never fear. She’ll be booming, just like always. Probably more so now, than ever. You’ll be updated on all the wedding details, my new job, where Kris’s job takes us, the honeymoon, what The Lord is doing in our lives… everything. PLT will continue to reign. I can promise you that. <3

I can’t thank you all enough for all the love, and support I have received from each and every one of you. Just know, that I am very excited about the changes happening in my life. Watching God work in my life, is completely incredible. I lift all my worries, all my fears, and all my anxiety to Him.

Now. I suggest you get to shopping.


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